Manual Gate Valve

Gate valve is a simply designed valve that consists of a body, bonnet, stem, seat rings, handwheel, and gate. The stem, which connects the handwheel and disk together, is responsible for the proper positioning of the disk. When the valve is open the gate is moved within the bonnet to allow full flow. When the gate valve is closed the gate is moved down into the seat which allows a positive seal.

  • Easily integrated into standard manifold and frac stac assemblies
  • API’s stringent technical qualifications
  • Little friction and minimal drop in pressure when fully opened
  • Rising stem configurations make visual inspections easy
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Features & Benefits

  • Superior flow rates & minimized friction loss
  • Fireproof controls & emergency shut-down systems
  • Exceptional performance in wet or corrosive environments
  • Increase efficiency by saving energy when opening or closing a gate valve

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